Tongdexing Noodle House was grand with the launch of the annual Maple Town: In 2000 the country held in Yinchuan, Ningxia, the only Gold Medal Flour Industry Competition, ministerial, "Chinese snack" that products, Suzhou traditional historical characteristics of the classic summer noodles, lost for many years , Suzhou, within the market for only this one special, prosperous reign of Emperor Qianlong, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was established during the "Maple Town Omo. "

    Maple Town Omo, known as Maple town white noodles, created in the summer of Suzhou Taiping years, good point. Maple town, namely, Suzhou Hanshan Maple Town. Omo is a plus stew meat or fish toppings surface burst. Maple Town Omo, Tang Qing colorless, stew meat Sulan entrance, fine white noodles, fishing in a bowl like "carp's back" line is to be symmetrical, beautiful shape, delicious and refreshing. Because of its flavor when no soy sauce, broth clarification, so the locals called Omo white soup. It said some of the old Suzhou, maple town Omo in the 1950s, the number of the most famous noodle shop concept of revitalization. Later, Joe, Renmin Road, a small noodle shop Sagong lane also made his name. But in the 1970s, Feng in Suzhou market town of Omo disappeared. According to some experts said, mainly due to health requirements do maple town Omo particularly high summer season, accidentally, perishable food, stores reluctant to take on this risk and interrupt production and supply more than 20 years old.