Austria was fine with the noodle Xing (Chinese food brand) .
    Outstanding men and women a la carte waiter :Basic salary interviews (three days into the post can handle.)
    Good computer cashier :Need to be trained to induction, Basic salary interviews.     Excellent transfer surface member :Basic salary interviews.
    Logistics dishwasher :Basic salary interviews.
    Soviet-style lo mein Division :Very sophisticated Confirmed Basic salary interviews.
    cooker :Basic salary interviews according to the technical level of testing after the interview dishes.
    Please send your resume to:
    E-mail:zhiwei@tongdexing.com(Integrated E-mail)
    Interview Address: No. 624 Shi Quan Street, (South Park Hotel diagonally opposite), Square, Square, 6 Ka remaining (main).
    Phone: Catering Director: 18962510770 (Miss Hua)
General Manager: 18806138999 (Mr. Xiao)
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