Suzhou, Tongdexing was rated with "Venture Star"
    It is reported that, as a Suzhou one of the outstanding representatives of the individual economy, Suzhou Tongdexing won the first batch of Suzhou City in 2005, "Venture Star" honor. "Venture Star" is the Suzhou city government to help support small and medium enterprises in the industry to set an example and set up the awards selection process by the primary business of recommending the first, the Bureau reported the district screening, and then reported to the Suzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the last approved by the municipal evaluation of professional functions, to determine the final results, winner of the title are in their respective fields enjoyed a certain popularity and success of private and individual enterprises, especially so as own businesses same Tongdexing, won the items of national, provincial and municipal levels-winning unit accounted for a large proportion.
      According to reports, with the Tongdexing Noodle Restaurant has been committed to doing even more to do catering and cultural purposes, for a rich breakfast Suzhou people spare no effort to contribute content. Over the years won many awards and honorary titles at all levels, the surface area of Suzhou Museum is the first batch of 2001, "Chinese Famous Restaurant" title "Four" is one of the country's second installment of "Chinese snack," first "Jiangsu snack honorary title of "winner, is the first batch of Suzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau" Suzhou well-known trademark "one. The noodle "white soup stew meat white face" is being Suzhou City Board of Trade, Suzhou Cuisine Association, Federation of Restaurant Association of Suzhou, Suzhou joint television named one of the people like the ten bowl.
      The Noodle Restaurant operators Xiao Weimin that honor is the driving force, but also the pressure, which requires the same Tongdexing to better services and products to support and help the community return to professional noodle professional service and dedication reflected in the face of all aspects of museum operations, customer satisfaction, Suzhou add a food culture more beautiful landscape.